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In graphic design sector, Image masking and hair masking service is one of the most popular and essential services nowadays. We call it vital because today more than 80% of online customers need these services to see their product content in transparent and consistent background. A busy creative photographer is not able to deliver all his photos on a white background. If you are looking for the best image mask service then you are in the proper place. Clipping Asia has been working with a lot of experience, save your work time and focus on improving your business.


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What kinds of Photoshop masking services we provide?

These masking services are divided into several types depending on the difficulty, complexity, and need for images. Basically, these services are divided into main 3 categories according to our experts which are described below step by step book.

1. Layer Masking
Layer masking is an inverse way of hiding a layer of an image in Photoshop. This gives you more flexibility to edit than to permanently delete or delete a specific layer of an image.
With this service, the opacity of things can be adjusted and adjusted according to the background. You can add, edit, or replace layers with the help of layer masking.

2. Clipping mask
Clipping mask is a type of masking method that combines two layers to maintain the opacity or transparency of the upper layer.
With the clipping mask, the focused part can be fixed. At the same time, it becomes essential to mask the clipping when involving several things in the background.

3. Alpha Channel Masking
This method is a combination of masking and clipping paths through the image. This method is very effective when the photographs have a background of single color most of the time. Usually, most Photoshop masking service providers adopt this advanced technique as part of their portfolio. Our experts think that both the layer mask and the clipping mask are easier than this method. Because it is highly effective with pixel based masking and semi-translucent images.

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