Top Raster to Vector Conversion Service

Top Raster to Vector Conversion Service

At different times we need to enlarge the images according to the type of work. Such as Logo, Banner, Screen printing, Car wrapper, Engraving, Promotional materials, we need a vector base file to get better output when printing. So the service of converting images from raster to vector plays a very effective role in many cases. This type of conversion process gives you the freedom to zoom in on image files at will without losing its value.

What are vector and raster images?

Vector images are usually composed of points, lines and curves that can be measured infinitely without any loss in terms of the quality of any image.Vector images include Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Inscape software.

Raster images, on the other hand, consist of a combination of numerous points called pixels, where each pixel is usually defined as a specific color value. When we try to resize a raster image, the pixels in the image shrink or expand, which can significantly damage the clarity and create blurred images.

Different Vector Conversion Services

Vector Artwork Conversion Service

This service usually includes raster images for reconstruction work. Regardless of the file format, our professional photo experts can convert it to vector file, which is suitable for digital printing of immortals or any other promotional material.

Line Art or Single Color Vector

Usually using this method we convert any image into a vector line to represent its size or skeleton. Suppose if you want to engrave the shape of an image, you need to make this kind of conversion. As it requires manual input, to complete this task at the right time, the time required depends on the complexity of the image.

Vector illustration of images

Vectorization means manually drawing any image in detail. A raster photo can typically contain a few million colored tiny pixels. That is why the same reproduction is not possible in vector drawing because there is no small pixel capability to carry the information of very small parts of the image. We can create a vector graphic or any part of a photograph to illustrate the subject according to the client’s requirements.

Exact copy conversion of art and logo design

If you accidentally lost an original file of your logo or work of art, you may need to reproduce it only in this service to make it scalable. You can easily use these vector files for product catalogs, brochures, banners and any other branding materials. Therefore, if you have a vague logo that needs to be vectorized, Clipping Asia will provide you with the service while maintaining the best value for money.


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